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IBO Diploma Programme results for 2014.

There were 9 candidates for the DP, and of these 8 were awarded a Diploma. This represents a percentage pass rate of 89%, which is 10% higher than the world average.
Average points achieved per candidate was 34.4. This compares favourably to the world average score of 29.9, and is also a marked increase over last year’s performance.
67% of candidates achieved more than 35 points, and 75% were awarded the Bilingual Diploma.

Clive Theobald
Acting Head Teacher
John Beattie
Diploma Co-ordinator

IGCSE / GCSE results for 2014

This year marks another successful academic year with the brilliant GCSE and IGCSE results achieved by our Year 10 and 11 students. Apart from a commendable 99.5% passing rate, almost 44% of our students have achieved the grades A* - A and a remarkable 82% achieved grades A- C, all of which are significantly higher than the UK average. Amongst the new subjects offered by our college this year, we achieved 100 % A* - A grades in the three Sciences - Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Our college has once again proven that exceptional academic achievements at competitive examinations are cultivated from the diligence of both our students and teachers in a conducive teaching and learning environment. Congratulations to our IGCSE students, parents and teachers this year!

Clive Theobald
Acting Head Teacher
Calvin Tse
Deputy Head Teacher
IGCSE Coordinator
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