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Our school is part of the Kiangsu-Chekiang & Shanghai Residents Association group of schools. We grew from the requests of parents, who sought an alternative to the education provision offered in the Hong Kong mainstream community. We exist because of the Association and as such we carry on their support for the classical Chinese educational virtues of advocating the development of a student’s moral, intellectual, physical, social, and aesthetic capabilities. (College mission statement 1958).

The members of our association moved to Hong Kong from Kiangsu and Chekiang provinces and Shanghai. They are outward looking, adaptable, industrious and flexible. Whilst cherishing their origins the members view all cultures and peoples with respect and value diversity and homogeneity in equal measure.

Our school will strive to develop the same qualities in our students. The International Sections of our Schools are firmly placed in the “International” sector of education in Hong Kong. Like many schools in this sector we were founded by immigrants, but we are not rooted in a foreign culture. We are Chinese in outlook and international in spirit. Our mission is to provide an education which reflects our beginnings but looks to the future. We respect and value the culture of our students and staff no matter where they come from, and draw on these cultures to give a balanced global perspective to our work.

The school has a high regard for the value of language. Here we refer to our roots and Mandarin is extensively studied. English is our media of instruction in all other areas. No matter the mother tongue of our students or staff it will be shown the same respect as any other. Human thought and endeavour are closely linked to language and we will not give up the opportunity to draw on the wisdom of other cultures just because it is outside our comfort zone.

We will endeavour to help our students grow into responsible, considerate, enquiring, young adults, who can make a positive contribution to the world. Our students come from many countries and will study and work in many more as they progress into adulthood. It is our intention that wherever they may go our students will be a welcome addition to that country and be able to keep growing and learning.